Our Men in Afghanistan Enjoyed Pan De Oro!

I received this response from a U.S. Army Platoon Leader stationed in Afghanistan. Our whole company was moved hearing the men of his platoon were so excited to indulge in a Pan De Oro snack. Please read on:


I just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know how much I appreciate the Pan De Oro tortilla chips we just got in the mail. My wife let me know that they were on the way here to Afghanistan and she wanted me to let you know when we got them.

We don’t have a lot of things to look forward to out here; we’re either doing our job or impatiently waiting to get home to our families. Having anything, something, to mark the time and give us something to anticipate every week makes a world of difference.

So far, the most effective thing I’ve found for my men is good old fashioned football. Every Sunday night (football is an evening tradition because of the time difference) we get together, share whatever snacks our families have sent us, and just have a good old American time. Throughout the week we eagerly wait on the infrequent mail runs that care packages come in.

I wish you could have been here to see the excitement when I brought a box of tortilla chips into our barracks. The guys are super excited! Between your corn chips (which I may admit to already tasting before this Sunday night and believe me, they exceeded all my expectations!), some jars of queso and a summer sausage which my wife sent, we are set and ready to go, believe me. My soldiers are flat out stoked. I think that you would be very proud of what something as simple as your corn chips are doing (seeing how we’re heading into our eleventh month of deployment, Army chow has long since lost any luster it had).

Bottom line being, thank you for taking an interest in us (your email to my wife), and thank you for creating something which we can enjoy all the way over here, seperated from our families and familiarity. It’s people like you that make us proud and willing to serve our country.

Thank you so much!

Very Respectfully,

(name omitted for privacy)

1LT/Platoon Leader, Alpha Battery

First Battalion, Sixth Field Artillery Regiment