These comments below come from Pan De Oro customers. Have you had Pan De Oro? Send us your own thoughts!

I love tortilla chips. I really love tortilla chips that I can buy from a great company through Amazon. Pan De Oro Corn Tortilla Chips are sold by Pan De Oro located in Connecticut. The chips are thick and very tasty. The thickness is great for dipping in salsa, bean dips, etc. They are very flavorful without too much salt. I can eat a ton of them alone! The customer service is fantastic. I had a few broken bags due to shipping and Rick immediately shipped out a new case for free. What more can you ask for? Great chips, great company!

-Tom, Rockville, VA


These tortilla chips from Pan De Oro are pretty darn good. They’re not overly salted, but still have a reasonable amount to add some saltiness on top of the chip flavor, which suits me fine. My wife likes the organic ingredients, but I just like the taste. It’s a pretty sturdy chip, so it holds up well for dip, and is also good for scooping if you like your chili-cheese queso goop to be thick and chunky like I do. Salsa is no problem either — there is enough curve in the chip to hold all but the most liquid-y of salsa (and who’d want that kind of stuff anyway?). My only complaint is the quantity — I’m not sure how well an entire case (12 9oz. bags) will keep for very long, so it would be nice to have a smaller amount available to order. But since we can’t find them in local stores and the price is pretty competitive anyway, we’re willing to risk it. It’s worth it.

-Steven, Sunnvale, CA


Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know I received my order on Friday, the day after it was shipped, and only 4 days after I ordered it! Wow!! It came in perfect shape – double-boxed and every bag perfect and nicely standing up. I am glad you take such pride in your product. One bag and I am addicted to them!! I am on a monitored diet, and due to the low salt and organic, no preservatives, they were doctor approved!!! Thank you again for a great product.

-Sue, Charleston, SC


Somehow I’ve already managed to receive your package of chips, two day shipping that was suppose to arrive on Tuesday showed up today.. Anyways, just tried your chips and after carefully deciding what I thought of them I thought I would sit down and let you know. Overall, these chips are perfect for what they are. The taste and texture is perfect, it’s a fairly thicker chip which really surprised me but the thickness gave it sturdiness which is great. So I’m very happy with this purchase and I look forward to buying more.  Thank you’re your email, it really made me feel like I was buying from a person and not just a computer. I hope you have a good day!

-Robert, Marietta, MS